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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi, thanks for visiting my site. When it comes to weight loss, I was one of the biggest idiots out there. I kept waiting for that miracle pill to make me lose weight, unfortunately nothing like that exists. Yet, I have found out that by doing some simple changes in my life, I am finally losing weight and enjoying it also. I was like millions of other people out there and have tried just about every diet method from diet pills, Slimfast, and yes even the cabbage soup diet. Only to be disappointed, frustrated and most of all HUNGRY!

My breaking point came when I finally convinced my husband and son to get a family picture taken last year for Christmas. I about cried when we got the pictures back (ok, I did cry). Looking at them, I was like who the hell is this fat woman in between my guys!!! That did it for me, I hated the way I looked next to my family and no longer even looked like me. So I made a vow to myself to get fit and lose this weight once and for all. It’s not always easy, but I refuse to be the fat one here.

I want to share with you everything that I am doing to lose the weight all while having fun and still eating the foods that I enjoy. Yep, you read that right; I still eat all of the foods that I enjoy. I refuse to use the word “diet”, only because this idiot is not on a diet. I am on my way to a healthier, thinner, better me! Join me here and be part of my motivation to help this idiot lose weight once and for all and I’ll be yours in return.

Today starts the rest of your life to becoming a healthier, thinner, better person. Trust me, if this idiot can finally lose weight, you can too!!

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