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Monday, April 23, 2012

                  LAZY WAY TO FITNESS:

I’ll be the first to admit that I am lazy and would rather curl up on the couch and just watch television then to get up and do some form of exercise. But going on 40, with a teenage son and a loving husband has made me want to take better care of myself.

It’s funny how once we get older and have a family that our focus goes towards taking care of them and we forget about taking care of ourselves. Well, that was my excuse for many years, but now this idiot of a woman has had enough of that and I am bound and determined to lose this extra weight once and for all that has somehow appeared on my body.

I used to cringe at the thought of doing any form of exercise. I can laugh at that now, but not long ago I made every excuse there was not to have to exercise. I thought I had to almost kill myself with doing the so called right form of exercise to be able to lose weight, only to find out now that is not true at all.

I used to love dancing and have come to love doing Zumba. Zumba fir the Wii was one of the things that I specifically asked for at Christmas. I love it!! And let me tell you, I have never once felt as though I am exercising while doing it. It’s become a part of my daily routine, which has changed since starting my weight loss journey here.

Yes, I have changed my routine and now take the time to focus on taking care of me and not just taking care of my family. I have found that by taking the time for me first thing in the morning is really a wonderful thing. Even on the weekends, my family supports what I now call “Me Time”. I not only am able to get in the exercise that I need, but it makes me feel good about myself and keeps me motivated all day long.

There are other forms of exercise on the Wii that I enjoy and not one of them feel like you are doing exercise at all. Yoga on the Wii Fit Plus is another one of my favorites. I have also come to enjoy the treadmill and the Bow flex. This is where the good music list comes in at. When I am listening to my ipod, the time flies right by and before I know it, I’ve gotten in 30 or more minutes of exercise that wasn’t bad at all.

I have also started walking in the evenings with my husband and son. A good walking partner makes this so easy and you don’t even realize how far you’ve walked when you aren’t focusing on it. I enjoy taking lots of photos and walking let’s you see nature at it’s best. There are many programs out there that will reward you for keeping track of your steps, such as “Walk With Walgreens”, which we have joined. And hey who doesn’t like to get free stuff now and then.

Keep changing it up. You body and muscles will get use to you doing the same thing every day and it won’t do you a bit of good. I like doing Zumba one day and then Yoga the next, with attempting the treadmill and or Bow flex at least once a week.

So you see there are many ways to make exercising and losing weight fun. Take the time each and every day to put yourself first and take some “Me Time” and focus on you. After all, you deserve it!

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