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Monday, May 14, 2012

Keep Your Supplies Stocked

I am to be losing weight, not gaining it!! The scale has not been my friend for the past week or so. And it’s taken me till now to realize what the hell is going on.

As I said before, I love my sweet tea, but know that regular sugar is not all that good for me and that is why I started using the Coconut Palm Sugar. But, I’ve been out of it for a little over a week now. I forgot to order it before I ran out and now I am paying for it, while I patiently wait for it to be delivered.

I should of known better than to let that happen. I mean der….I make sure to keep my fresh fruits and veggies in stock here. I also make sure that there are other healthy snacks on hand here at home, just in case the fruit and veggies get tiresome. But for some reason, I failed to remember to order more of the sugar that is good for me and is helping me lose weight!!

Tip…make not only mental notes, but put an actual note where you will see it so that you will remember to order things like the Coconut Palm Sugar when you are getting low on it. That does not sound all that hard, so why is it hard for me to remember something that is so beneficial for me in losing weight?

It is important to keep your healthy food supply in stock at all times. That way it will help you from straying from your diet. If you have healthy food choices on hand, you will be less likely to choose those unhealthy foods.

It really is that simple. Keep healthy food in stock. Make healthy food choices. And you will lose weight. Oh and be sure to add some exercise in there somewhere!

well at least the bike and mower look good in the back ground!!

Saturday's Challenge....10 squats, while holding a 35 pound push bar off of a pick-up....that damn thing was heavy too....ugh!!

 Today’s Challenge….leg lifts for a minute…those damn things hurt!!

Till next time…..remember to eat healthy, get some exercise, and most of all, love yourself!!! Now go make it count!!

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