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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend With Friends

No one ever said it was going to be easy losing weight, but holy cow, no one told me I would be challenged every day either!

After spending a weekend with friends, I now realize what an every day challenge it really is. Do not fret though, I said a challenge, not impossible.

I did get in my daily challenge that I set for myself all weekend and had a blast too.

Saturday was a little tricky while having a cookout with friends, but it was all good. Even though we had burgers, there was also grilled veggies, which was a plus and healthy for you to boot. Dessert, now that is another story. Strawberry shortcake, but on the bright side, under Weight Watchers, it was only 4 points. So, I can not really complain there.

Sunday, now that was a little more challenging for me. A long ride on our Harley with friends proved to myself that I can go out to eat and still make good food choices. While everyone else ordered fries and bacon cheese burgers (oh how my mouth watered at that one, even though I had a burger the night before), I ordered a good ole healthy sandwich, piled with veggies. And I must say that it was actually really good. And seeing the grease fall from everyone else’s burgers, made me realize that I made a wise choice there.

Now, I have to be honest and keep it real here. I am sad to say that upon stopping at Sheetz on our way home, I broke down and got that damn doughnut!! And man, let me tell you, IT WAS GOOD!!! I ate every damn bite of it and then felt like crap for doing so!! No, I don’t like depriving myself of sweets and that damn doughnut called my name, so what was I to do?

After getting on the scale this morning, I am done beating myself up over that doughnut. There was no weight loss, but no weight gain either. So all in all, yes I had a great weekend, finally had that damn doughnut and do not feel guilty in the least about it!!

See you can diet, lose weight and still have those sweets every now and then. As long as you don’t over do it on them, still do your regular exercise and eat healthy, you’ll do fine.

man those were hard
Saturday’s challenge…..push ups….only did ten, but man did my arms hurt for two days afterwards!!!

hubby & I
Sunday’s challenge….keeping my balance on the back of hubby’s bike…haha….ok seriously, ordering healthy food, while friends did not….and ok, doughnut temptation got the better of me.

Monday’s challenge….30 sit-up’s….and man are my abs still hurting!!!

Till next time…..remember to eat healthy, get some exercise, and most of all, love yourself!!! Now go make it count!!


  1. I hate the effect that certain foods have on me; it's such an out of control feeling. It never gets easy, but it does get easier over time. Hang in there and pretty soon the good results will give you an added boost to help you keep moving forward.

  2. Thanks Jack. Sweets are my weakness. I usually do better than I did on this day, but for some reason I couldn't say no to that damn doughnut!!