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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother Nature $uck$

Well guess I was all too happy yesterday about the nice weather and Mother Nature just had to come crashing down on me this morning. I’m not talking about Mother Nature’s work outside, I’m talking about that ever so loving Mother Nature that hits most of us women once a month. Yes, I am going there (so men, you may want to skip this part…haha).

One time a month I truly hate being a woman! Bloat, cramp, heating pad, repeat. Why I’ve never gotten use to this monthly occurrence, is beyond me (* insert sarcasm here*)! It plays havoc with you and let me tell you that good old scale does me no favors either this time of the month. Ugh….really another weight gain! How does one gain 2 pounds of extra weight over night then magically lose them again. Makes no sense to me.

So yes, I do really think that being a woman sucks once a month and that Mother Nature needs to find another form of entertainment and kindly leave me alone!!

MEN… can pick up here again…haha

Okay, I’m done venting about that now.

So yesterday I said that I was making May the month “To Make It Count”. I’ve decided that every day this month I am going to challenge myself with something different. Whether it be something big or small, it has to challenge me and be something that I don’t usually do in my normal routine.

My weight loss has come to yet another stand still and I can not handle that any longer. Yeah, yeah, I know, if I would not of spent a good part of last month not exercising and not eating right, I would most likely be over this hurdle and would of lost more weight.

I actually did two challenges today. One was getting in my exercise this morning. When Mother Nature does her calling, I usually am not up for anything. But this morning, I remembered what I said about making it count and got my a$$ in gear and did it. Then for my walk early, I walked backwards for about 100 yards. Oh my, let me tell you that made my legs burn in places I did not think they could burn. Also made me work up a good sweat and we all knowing that will help with the weight loss.

So hubby has agreed to help me every day this month with a different challenge. Bring it on baby, I can handle it. If I repeat that enough, I just might believe it….haha. Actually I am a little scared cos my husband goes at full speed and never stops!! Then again, if you look at his picture, you’ll see there isn’t much to him. So it’s a bit easier for him to go like that. But I am up for the challenge. I know that he will push me just enough, but not to where it’ll hurt me. I will lose this weight one way or another.

So, are you up for this challenge too? Would love to hear what you do to challenge yourself everyday!!

Please do not mind the outfit....haha

Today’s challenge…..walked 100 yards backwards.

Till next time…..remember to eat healthy, get some exercise, and most of all, love yourself!!! Now go make it count!!

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