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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh my…..

Well after a wonderful weekend, even though I ended up getting too much sun which made me sick and put me down for a day; I am back and loving it!!

Here’s the run down of my weekend till today…..enjoy…ha

Saturday, we got a lot of work done in our foyer that we have been renovating. All was good, till I spilled about ¾ of a can of polyurethane. Oops!! My bad!! At least there was enough still in the can to finish the last board…haha. Spent the rest of the evening with friends, cooking on the grill and playing cards.

Sunday, hubby and I went to “The Blessing Of The Bikes” with two other couples. It was really nice. Once all of the bikers got there, we ate a small lunch, then they came around and blessed us and our bikes and for the other drivers to see us. Then A nice ride followed to get ice cream. I know, I know, should of skipped the ice cream, but I was good and only got a baby cone and nothing else on it. And yes it was damn good!!! This is the day I got too much sun, but it was well worth it all!!!
All the bikes lined up and waiting to get blessed

Monday, well now that’s another story. The sun got to me and I was in pain and sick all damn day. I didn’t do much of anything, besides laundry, once my hubby got home to help me carry the baskets. Yes, my arms hurt that bad, that I couldn’t even lift a basket of clothing.

Today….oh my…I feel a hell of a lot better!! Was able to get up and move without pain today and get some things done! And now that I am done with this, I get to go and spend the evening with my hubby!!
Sunburn is looking a lot better!!
So yep, had a wonderful weekend, even though I got sick. And yet I still lost weight!! I really am glad that my Coconut Palm Sugar finally came in and I am back on track of losing weight!!!


Saturday’s challenge….added about ¼ mile to the walk, which I jogged.

Sunday’s challenge….again keeping my balance on the back of the bike…haha

Monday’s challenge…oops…I couldn’t of done anything even if I wanted to cos of the pain and being sick.

Today’s challenge…power walked almost 2 miles, damn rain!! Jogged about ¾ mile of it.
Yep, you get wet when you get caught in the rain....haha

Till next time…..remember to eat healthy, get some exercise, and most of all, love yourself!!! Now go make it count!!


  1. You're just catching it all! Caught in too much sun, and caught in too much rain lol! It's very cool that you had your motorcycle blessed...what a neat thing to do on a Sunday afternoon! I'm sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you're feeling better! Way to go on making May count! You're life seems so lovely!

  2. Thanks Kady! Yeah I sure was catching it all, from all ends Don't let things fool ya on here, trust me, even though I do have a pretty good life here with my husband and son, there is still plenty that gets to me.